Mapping the future of fit and function

23 June, 2023
Mapping the future of fit and function | News | Pause Awards
George Hedon, founder and CEO, Pause Fest & Awards
George Hedon
23 June, 2023

Dive into the journey of Bodd Technologies, the innovative company revolutionising the fit and wellness industry. Learn about their growth, plans for the future, and insights into the business world.

In the world of startups, few shine as brightly as Bodd, an innovative Melbourne company from Prahran, revolutionising the fit and wellness industry. They won ‘Company of the year’ in 2022 at Pause Awards and shortly after closed $5M capital raise to expand their operations.

Bodd is a data and insights company that has developed scanning and processing technologies to capture ultra rich human body data.

They enable better, more personalised experiences for consumers, companies and brands they engage with, across the global uniform, health and wellness and fashion sectors. We had the chance to sit down with David McLaughlin, the CTO and visionary behind Bodd, to delve into the details of their journey and their future plans.

BODD Technologies
Image provided by BODD

Q: David, could you tell us about the genesis of Bodd and how you’ve managed to grow its presence?

Sure, the inception of Bodd Technologies is actually an interesting tale. We initially encountered the pervasive problems of sizing and fit while working in the apparel industry. Rather than resigning to the issue, we saw an opportunity to create a technology that could provide a solution. Recognising this potential, we set out to develop a product that addressed these real-world challenges.

The key to our growth has been keeping our ears to the ground and consistently striving to solve problems for our customers. It’s important to remember that your business’s impact is directly proportional to the number and size of the problems you solve. That’s been our mantra, and it’s served us incredibly well.

An impactful product solving real-world problems can be the foundation for an incredibly successful business.

David McLaughlin, CTO, BODD

Q: How would you define success for Bodd Technologies?

For us, success is a multi-faceted concept. Of course, we have bold and ambitious plans for the company, and we’re committed to creating a lasting business. However, our vision of success is not solely tied to market performance or financial milestones. Instead, it is intrinsically linked to the physical and mental wellbeing and happiness of our team.

The very first value for our team is Ownership; we all have a role to play in nurturing this business – it’s collectively ours. We believe in a work-life blend where everyone feels ownership and pride in what they’re building. At the same time, we emphasise the importance of maintaining mental and physical wellbeing. For us, it’s about striking a balance and ensuring that we don’t burn ourselves out in the process of building something great.

BODD Technologies
Image provided by BODD

Success should be measured not only in business growth but also in the happiness of the team.

David McLaughlin, CTO, BODD

Q: Could you give us a glimpse into what Bodd Technologies has in store for 2023?

Absolutely, 2023 is shaping up to be an incredibly exciting year for us! One of the major developments on the horizon is the deployment of our scanner technology with the New Zealand Defence Force. This collaboration will be a significant showcase for our tech on a global stage.

Moreover, our product team is working tirelessly on a new release. I can’t spill all the beans just yet, but I can tell you it’s set to push the limits of what our technology can do.

Another major plan involves expanding our footprint in North America. We’ll be working on significant deployments across various sectors, including retail and wellness. Back home in Australia, we’re collaborating with major wellness and pharmacy brands to integrate Bodd’s technology into their operations. It’s safe to say we’re not slowing down anytime soon!

BODD Technologies
Image provided by BODD

Q: In your opinion, what’s the most important skill to have in business?

Without a doubt, resilience. Leading an early-stage company can feel like an uphill battle. Whether it’s pitching to investors, facing 100 rejections, or getting through tough weeks, it requires a certain degree of fortitude. But every challenge we’ve faced has only made us stronger and more confident. Resilience is truly the backbone of any successful business.

The most critical skill in business is resilience. No matter how many rejections or challenges you face, bouncing back is key.

David McLaughlin, CTO, BODD

Q: What have you learned over the past year that you could share as advice to fellow entrepreneurs?

The past year has been an enlightening journey. One crucial learning is understanding that everything takes longer than you expect. Patience is absolutely essential, especially when you’re used to the rapid pace of the start-up world.

BODD Technologies
Image provided by BODD

As we transitioned from being an early-stage startup to a growth-stage business, we had to adapt our pace. While it’s important to be ambitious and have a drive to grow, it’s equally vital to understand that quality growth requires time. We’ve learned to embrace the process and be patient, knowing that while things may not always move as fast as we’d like, they are indeed moving in the right direction.

Winning the ‘Company of Year’ award really put us on the map and was very unexpected!

David McLaughlin, CTO, BODD

Q: Lastly, could you share how winning the Pause Awards has impacted your business?

The timing was really perfect for us as we are transitioning from an early stage start-up to a business that now has an exciting growth trajectory. The win garnered us a lot of attention – not just here in Australia, but also across the globe. We had customers in the US that we were speaking to that were really impressed by the win and it certainly helped build confidence in all parts of the world.

We were also fortunate enough to have some fantastic press off the back of winning the award.

With a laser-focus on problem-solving, a balanced view on success, and an eye on an exciting future, an award winning company Bodd serves as a beacon for fellow entrepreneurs.

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