Discover the colourful world of oral hygiene with Dsmile’s new range

13 September, 2023
Discover the colourful world of oral hygiene with Dsmile’s new range | News | Pause Awards
George Hedon, founder and CEO, Pause Fest & Awards
George Hedon
13 September, 2023

Welcoming Dsmile’s new ‘Taste the Colour’ range, where oral health meets fun and sustainability. Dr. Joseph Badr, Founder of Dsmile, and Pause Awards judge, shares insights on design and dental care rituals.

In a world where toothpaste flavours range from mundane mint to predictable peppermint, Dsmile, Australia’s trailblazing sustainable dental care brand, is shaking things up with their new ‘Taste the Colour’ range. Launched on a sunny Melbourne morning, this innovative collection aims to revamp Australia’s lacklustre approach to oral health.

Recent statistics from the Australian Dental Association paint a not-so-rosy picture: a whopping 75% of Aussies neglect to floss, and one in five barely brushes their teeth once a day. It’s time to switch things up, and Dsmile is here to lead the way.

Joseph Badr

Dr. Badr’s Dental Revolution

The brainchild of renowned dentist Dr. Joseph Badr, Dsmile emerged in 2021 as a response to disheartening trends in environmental and oral health. With a track record of treating over 20,000 patients in his five clinics, Dr. Badr witnessed firsthand the declining state of Australians’ oral hygiene.

Australia is slipping when it comes to taking care of our pearly whites. Our addiction to sugar and failure to properly care for our teeth is fast tracking our oral hygiene decline.

Dr. Joseph Badr, Founder at Dsmile

In 2023, there’s no excuse for such dental neglect, and that’s why Dr. Badr and his team created the ‘Taste the Colour’ range, designed to make dental care not just effective but enjoyable for all ages. But how did they do it?


Designing for Dental Delight

Dr. Badr emphasised the need for a shift in the approach to dental care. It’s not just about the mechanical and technical aspects; it’s also about understanding the emotional and psychological triggers that drive habit change. “How can we add value to the human experience?” Dr. Badr asked.

The answer lay in design—an experience-focused, human-centred design. Dr. Badr’s vision was clear: “I needed to create the Dsmile home care system as a way of encouraging preventive care habits at home through a simple three-step brush, floss, rinse process.” The design aesthetics of the kit were meticulously crafted to serve as a visual cue, transforming a mundane routine into a delightful ritual.

Dsmile’s design philosophy spans several layers: utilitarian function, emotional appeal, storytelling, sustainability, and aesthetics. The products had to be effective, devoid of harmful chemicals, and appeal to diverse lifestyles. Moreover, they needed to tell a story—a story of being proudly Australian, environmentally friendly, and designed to inspire regular use.


Picking the Perfect Palette

Dsmile’s ‘Taste the Colour’ range isn’t just about flavours; it’s about a visual experience too. The pastel colours, beautifully chosen by graphic designer Michelle Mackintosh, mirror the evolving post-pandemic world. Each colour has a unique meaning: bluey purple symbolises wellness and digital escapism, green brings nature indoors, yellow embodies intimacy and comfort, and pink, once considered feminine, is now gender-neutral and soothing.

Inspiring a Dental Ritual

Dental care doesn’t have to be a chore—it can be a vibrant, flavorful, and eco-conscious experience. Dr. Badr and Dsmile are on a mission to instil a lifelong commitment to oral health. Their philosophy is simple: brush, floss, and rinse, supplemented by two professional cleanings a year.

Dsmile’s ‘Taste the Colour’ range transcends function; it tells a story and transforms our perspective on dental health. It’s not just about oral hygiene; it’s about celebrating it in style.

As Dr. Joseph Badr aptly puts it, “Our teeth need to last a lifetime, so it is essential to take the very best care of them.” Dsmile’s new range offers a colourful and flavorful journey towards that goal, one brush, floss, and rinse at a time.

So, are you ready to ‘Taste the Colour’ and embrace better dental health in style? Dsmile is here to make it happen!

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